How Do I Become a Member of the Archangel Michael Parish?

Membership in the Greek Orthodox Church begins with the Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation.  Orthodox Christians are united with Christ through the sacraments, or mysteries, of the Church.  The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese requires each parish to distinguish between voting members and non-voting members. A voting member (or member in good standing) is over 18 years of age and turns in a signed stewardship commitment card, committing a portion of time, talent, and treasure to the Church. The Archdiocese also requires the voting member to remain current through the year on their pledged commitments noting that true membership in the Body of Christ involves living according to His Word and within His Church.


 Interested in joining our Parish?  Please download the form in the link Membership Request Form and email it to or bring it to church with you.


The Stewardship Program

Please keep in mind that your stewardship of money is kept in the strictest of confidence. However, we do record and total the amounts expected to better plan our budget. By the grace of God and the faithful commitment of our Archangel Michael community, we pray to reach our goal where our operating budget is completely supported through the stewardship of our parishioners.


As needed, please download the Stewardship Pledge Form and email it to 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q — What is Stewardship?

A — Stewardship is the giving of time, talent and financial support to our church and its ministries.

Q — What is the Stewardship Program?

A — The Stewardship program is a Christian way to offer support to our church spiritual, physical and financial needs

Q — What should my Stewardship pledge be?

A — As a rule of thumb, give according to your means and conscience. In terms of time, remember that time is the most valuable commodity we have, and so it is a tremendous gift. Concerning talent, the Lord wants us to use our talents primarily to build His Kingdom here on earth. For many people, giving between 10% to 15% of income is a good benchmark in terms of financial stewardship.

Q —Who should make a commitment?

A — Everyone who is 18 years of age and older who is self-supporting and wants to take his or her responsibility to support their church.

Q — How do I make a pledge?

A — Simply fill out the Stewardship Pledge Form and email it to . Or if you wish, you may place it in the collection basket on Sunday, or mail it to the church, P.O. Box 192, Lecanto, FL 34460-0192.

Q — How do I fulfill my Stewardship pledge?

A — If you ask to be contacted by our Priest, or a member of the stewardship committee, then share with them how you can best offer your time and talent. For your financial offering, weekly or monthly offerings are recommended because it is easy to manage. You can use the weekly coupons that will be sent to you. You can return the coupon with your contribution by placing it in the collection basket on Sunday or mail to the church POB address above. Or arrange an automatic pay option online for regularly scheduled weekly or monthly payments through PayPal but keep in mind that the Stewardship pledge card must be completed and submitted to the Church in order to keep your records updated in our database.

Q — Can I change my pledge if a personal financial crisis arises?

A — Of Course. In fact, it is helpful to do so that we can adjust our records to reflect your new situation.  And your pledge is confidential.  All you need do is contact our Priest or the Parish Council President to review your needs.