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Father George's Guidance: 


Father George speaks to the congregation each week right after the reading of the Gospel (in Greek and English). He is an effective speaker, using simple language, humor and metaphors to explain the meaning of the Gospel and encourage the congregation to strive each week to move closer to Our Lord. 

Each month, we will use the INFO CORNER for Father George to share information about upcoming feasts and special services to share ideas on why the event is special, and how it fits into Orthodox life, or the answers to questions that he's been asked so everyone can benefit from the answers. Father will begin sharing his thoughts soon with brief educational messages after Liturgy that will be summarized here. Father George's goals are to spread understanding of Orthodoxy and increase our membership and linkages to the community.

"May Christ abide in your hearts and homes forever!"



We Now Have a Photo Gallery!

In addition to posting special pictures on our website pages, we have a dedicated space to put 'albums' of event pictures, and one dedicated to those wonderful random or candid shots. The gallery is located under Parish Activities.


We are Growing! Welcome to our newest members!


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