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This page is intended to maintain standard references and information that may help us on our spiritual path, and to provide interesting news items from our parish.


Featured News Item! We have a new page on the website to congratulate the Archangel Michael Award Honorees from our Parish. Click Here


Also: Bible Study/Studies In Faith Group is a BIG Success! Father George hosts a study group that meets every other Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Church Hall. Sessions are very well-attended. No matter how many people attend, it still feels like a safe place to share and ask questions. Clearly, the need for such a group, and the resulting fellowship have been proven.  We are grateful for the open manner, acceptance, and humor that Father George uses to help us ask the difficult questions that bother us. In addition to studying the books of the New Testament, we talk about anything on our minds about our faith, our history, or how to be people of faith in a world of chaos. Father George makes everything seem clear. He reminds us that we already have God's love. Now we are simply seeking salvation through the manner in which we live our lives. 





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HOUSE BLESSINGS: Father George will visit and bless the homes/businesses of parishioners who request it, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in January.

 Please contact Georgia Nicolaou by calling or texting – 973-580-0075 or send an email –  Give the date and time you would like Father George to visit. Trying to get people living close to each other scheduled for the same days and close times.

·        Inverness: Tues. Jan.16 (AM -1:00PM)

·        Homosassa: Tues, Jan. 16  (late afternoon)

·        Dunnellon: Wed., Jan. 17 (AM to 12:00PM)

·        Citrus Springs: Tues. Jan. 23 (AM -1:00PM)

·        Hernando: Tues. Jan. 23 (2:00PM – 5:00PM)

·        Beverly Hills: Wed., Jan. 24

·        Lecanto: Tues., Jan. 30

·        Weeki Wachie: Wed., Jan. 31.




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Father George's Guidance: Father speaks to the congregation each week, right after the reading of the Gospel.


Father reads the Gospel in Greek and English, and then speaks to us about the messages it contains. He often speaks to us again at the end of the Divine Liturgy. He is an effective speaker, using simple language, humor, and metaphors to make his points as he encourages the congregation to strive each week to move closer to Our Lord. Lately, he has been emphasizing the "word of the week" to help remind us of the main points of the gospel learning

In these troubling times, Father George reminds us that the focus of our participation in our faith is to be saved and be reunited with Our Lord. Our focus should not be to pray for 'things'. Instead, we pray to hear God's voice over the rumble of noise and distractions we have every day, and to learn to be better Orthodox Christians every day. As he summed it up, "Nothing we acquire in our life on Earth could be more important than our soul."

Matthew 14: 13-21

Father George as he celebrated the scripture of Jesus feeding the five thousand, as symbolized by the five loaves of bread.  



"May Christ abide in your hearts and homes forever!"





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House Blessings

Father George and Dimitrios (Jim) Tzivanis. Thank you Father. It was a lovely ceremony.




Instructions and Information for Cutting the Vasilopita

This has become a tradition that our grown daughters are adopting into their own lives now. Because we are far apart, we started cutting our bread together on a Zoom call a few years ago and that works very well. The youngest daughter seems to get the coin every year! Our Parish Council secretary prepared an insert in the church bulletin for January 7 which gave the information you need to enjoy or perform this beautiful custom that honors Saint Basil. 



We Now Have a Photo Gallery!

In addition to posting special pictures on our website pages, we have a dedicated space to put 'albums' of event pictures, and one dedicated to those wonderful random or candid shots. The gallery is located under Parish Activities.