Effortless Giving

dog giving a hand  Giving a Hand Can be Easier Than You Think!

We understand the financial challenges we all face. It's difficult to keep up with our obligations and still make charitable donations. That's why our Effortless Giving Program makes so much sense. It's based on the ability to generate small donations simply from the buying activities you make on a routine basis. After a short setup it is truly 'effortless' to give.

Amazon Smile

With just a bit of set-up, you can get Amazon to make donations for you. You do nothing but make purchases as you wish on Amazon. They then provide a small portion of all the purchases directed to us in payments made directly to the church account. Simply change your browser to https://smile.amazon.com. The service is exactly the same and you will have the same account privileges as usual. Then, in the header, click the down arrow by 'Supporting' and select our church using Greek Orthodox Community of West Central Florida, Inc. You're done! Just bookmark that site, do all your Amazon shopping from there, and check to see that we remain in the Supporting field. Amazon will show their total donation to the church online so you can see your impact.

RoundUp App

If you ever buy anything with a credit or debit card, you can donate your spare change on each purchase you make. Spend $10.99 at the grocery store and we will get 1 cent. Spend $79.99 to get a new tire and we still get 1 cent. This program will automatically give us the 'change' up to the next dollar amount. You can sign up on your PC using https://roundupapp.com , or download the app on your smartphone. Follow the instructions to register the card(s) you want to use for the donation and select Greek Orthodox Community of West Central Florida, Inc as the recipient of your donations. You're done! Unless you change it, we will get the 'change' from every purchase made with the registered payment source automatically. You will receive information on your donations via email from RoundUp App.

2023 RoundUp App GOAL: Increase from 5 to 12 participants. Based our giving data thus far, 12 donors would contribute enough to make one mortgage payment each year! 

Leverage Small Donations

There are two important features of the program. It's effortless, and it leverages the growth factor of many small donations. It does add up! Last year, in a nine month period, three donors accounted for almost $2000 coming to the church. The power is in the number of people who use one or both of the donation components. In fact, if you sign up for both and use the RoundUp registered card to shop on Smile Amazon, we get paid twice: once from your purchase change and also from Amazon!