Archangel Michael's Famous Fish Fry


We Wish to Extend a Big Thank You to Our Patrons!

Your support of our Friday events is greatly appreciated. Whether ordering for take-out, or sitting down to be served, you are keeping us busy, and the customer feedback is very positive. Sharing a table with someone new is also a delight, and demonstrates the kind of lovely people we have in our community.

AND Thanks to the Chronicle For the Great Press!

Our wonderful local newspaper (in print and online) is our advertising partner, and once again, they have surpassed all expectations. Please take some time to read Archangel Michael's Famous Fish Fry. Read the Article

Many of our Fish Fry volunteers were interviewed and pictured in this excellent article that shares some Greek cooking kitchen 'secrets'. (Warning: they sound easy but are not!) 


See the Right Panel for Our Fish Fry Calendar!


Welcome to Fish Fry Friday!

3:30 PM- 6:30 PM

Dine in or Take Out!


Friday nights are NOT for cooking after a long work week. Instead, come to our Cantoris Parish Hall and indulge in the best-tasting and most cost-effective dinner around town. In addition to our beloved fish, we have shrimp, calamari, Greek salads, and rotating specials. Come down and try us!   

Standard EVERY Fish Fry Menu

Served with French Fries, Coleslaw, and Rice Pudding

Fried Fish ($13)
Fried Calamari ($13)
Fried Shrimp ($14)
Fried Fish/Shrimp Combo ($14)
Fried Fish/Calamari Combo ($13)
Large Greek Salad ($9)


In addition to providing great food, we are here to make your evening hassle-free. Sit and enjoy being waited on. If you prefer, you can take it home by ordering on site, or calling 352-527-0766 and pre-ordering your take-out request. AND we take major credit cards.


Some of our hard-working volunteers 


                                              Patrons enjoying their meal










March Fish Fry Schedule, with Specials

(Specials are served with a small salad and rice pudding)   

March 3 Greek Style Chicken with Roast Potatoes (15)
March 10 Spanakopita ($15)
March 17 Corned Beef and Cabbage ($18)
March 24 Stuffed Peppers ($15)
March 31 Pastitsio ($15)


Thank you for your continual patronage.